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The Informal Transport Workers Project had a high profile at last week’s ITF 43rd Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria. Most of the project’s mentor unions sent delegates, along with Dave Spooner from GLI (project coordinator),  and spoke at Congress plenary and fringe events about the successes in organising informal workers, the issues they face, and about the project as a whole.

Both the Report of Activities and the main Congress theme document included specific reference to the project, along with a commitment to continued implementation in the 2014-18 Congress period. The mentor union representatives at Congress included Jaime Aguilar, NCTU, Philippines; Soulet Zeinabou Habou Barma, SYNATRA, Niger; Ajay Kumar Rai, NETWON-NTUC, Nepal; and Azizi Kiirya, General Secretary, AT&GWU, Uganda.


Selected references to the Project:


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Available at http://www.itfcongress2014.org/