Souley Zeinabou Habou Barba (SYNATRA)

Several project participants talked about their project work at the 2014 ITF Congress held in Sofia in August. Souley Zeinabou Habou Barba from the SYNATRA union in Niger has kindly shared the statement which she made at Congress with the blog:


“Female transport workers are more prone to precarious work since the global financial crisis. The Women Transport Workers’ Conference at the 2010 ITF Congress agreed to prioritise precarious female transport workers and this work continues.

After our awareness-raising campaign in Niger, we successfully recruited about 400 female informal transport workers in bus stations. And we hope to recruit more, about 100 other women who work in different women’s associations, because we think that our union can have a partnership with these other women’s associations in Niger.

This is a work in progress. Organising female transport workers in the context of precarious employment where workers’ rights are not respected, is crucial to the fight of the ITF in a world where governments and employers are pursuing policies of privatisation and outsourcing.”

Souley Zeinabou Habou Barba, SYNATRA