Taxi Park, Kampala

Taxi Park, Kampala

A capacity building workshop for informal transport sector organisers and leaders from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya was held in Kampala from the 13th – 17th July. The workshop was organised by the Amalgamated Transport and General Workers’ Union, Uganda (ATGWU) as part of the mentoring programme which it heads-up in East Africa for the ITF Informal Workers’ Project.

The aims of the workshop were to:

  • introduce participants to the ITF Informal Workers’ Project;
  • share knowledge and skills about organising in the informal sector;
  • conduct mapping exercises of local informal sector workers to learn about their livelihoods, challenges at work, employment relationships and potential bargaining counterparts;
  • design 12-month action plans for each participating union.

John Mark Mwanika of ATGWU has written a comprehensive report on the workshop which can be downloaded here:

ATGWU Report: Capacity Building Workshop, Kampala [July 2015]

GLI and ITF would like to thank the ATGWU, especially John Mark Mwanika, Stephen Abima and General Secretary Aziz Kiirya, for all their hard work in hosting and organising what was an extremely successful and productive workshop.