Workshop participants in Maradi

Workshop participants in Maradi

From 1-3 August, a training workshop for informal transport workers took place in Maradi, Niger. The workshop was organised by SYNATRA – the National Union of Informal Economy Workers, Niger – as part of their mentoring programme for unions working with informal workers in West Africa.

The workshop was attended by 20 participants from the regions of Maradi and Zinder, and involved a roundtable event to discuss work-related problems in the transport sector. Presentations covered several issues including trade unionism and health and safety at work.

You can read English and French language versions of the workshop report, written by General Secretary Souley Zeinabou Barma, below:


SYNATRA Report on Training Workshop – Maradi-Zinder [Aug 2015]


SYNATRA Rapport de Synthèse – Seminaire Atelier de Formation – Maradi-Zinder [Août 2015]