Members of the ITWAN-NETWON Joint Women's Committee

Members of the ITWAN-NETWON Joint Women’s Committee

On December 3rd, the Independent Transport Workers’ Association of Nepal (ITWAN) and Nepal Yatayat Majdur Sangh (NETWON) announced the creation of a Joint Women’s Committee, composed of six women leaders from each union.

The announcement was made at a jointly organised seminar on fighting violence against women. It was agreed that Satyadevi Timsina from NETWON will chair the committee for the next six months, and Mayadevi Bega from ITWAN will chair the committee for the following six months.

ITWAN and NETWON are joint mentor unions in the South Asian region for the ITF Informal Workers’ Project. Video interviews with both Committee chairs, recorded at the Project’s mid-term meeting in Kathmandu (March 2015), can be viewed below:


Interview with: Satyadevi Timsina (NETWON)


Interview with: Mayadevi Bega (ITWAN)