The new film “The Power of Informal Transport Workers” shows how informal transport workers across the world are organising in trade unions to fight back against precarious and dangerous working conditions.

Produced as part of the ITF Informal Transport Workers Project, the film brings together interviews with union activists from seven different countries who talk about the challenges that informal workers face and the ways in which their unions are building informal worker power.

The film highlights how women workers, who generally occupy the most precarious and poorly paid jobs in the sector, are joining unions to fight back against societal discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse at work.

According to Jodi Evans, ITF Women’s Officer, the pioneering work of unions involved in the ITF Informal Transport Project has “exploded the myth” that informal workers are unorganisable.

The film ends with a powerful call to action by union organiser John Mark Mwanika from ATGWU Uganda who calls on trade unions to embrace mass membership of informal transport workers and to “globally mobilise” around the Informal Transport Workers’ Charter, which demands decent work and union recognition for all transport workers.

Watch the film here: The Power of Informal Transport Workers

Read the Charter in full here: Informal Transport Workers’ Charter

French and Spanish versions of the film will be made available in early 2017.