NEPAL: “E-rickshaw – Not the cause of , But the solution to Pollution” – report on e-rickshaw organising now available

March 15, 2016

Participants at trade union education workshop run by NETWON in Eastern Nepal

“E-rikshaw – Not the cause of , But the solution to Pollution ” is the slogan of the recently formed Nepal E-rikshaw Drivers Union, which is affiliated one of Nepal’s national transport unions – NETWON.

A report is now available to download documenting the progress of NETWON’s organising of e-rickshaw drivers in Nepal, and in particular about a trade union education programme that was run by NETWON in the east of the country as part of their work with the ITF Informal Transport Workers’ Project.

You can download the report, written by Ajay Kumar Rai (NETWON President), here: NETWON Report: TU Education for E-rickshaw drivers [Feb 2016]

The report documents how e-rickshaw drivers are facing similar problems throughout the country, for example a lack of parking facilities and the absence of clear government policies regarding e-rickshaws.

The report also includes interviews with e-rickshaw drivers, including two women drivers – Ram Maya Rai & Prabha Timsina – who enjoy their jobs but highlight the problem of harassment for women if they chose to work in the evenings.



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One Response to “NEPAL: “E-rickshaw – Not the cause of , But the solution to Pollution” – report on e-rickshaw organising now available”

  1. Vinod Simon says:

    Dear Comrade,

    I found similar problems faced by the e-rickshaw drivers in India also. I live in Delhi and there are thousands of informal workers opted as e-rickshaw drivers as their livelihood. But they are facing harassment from the police and municipal authorities. The absence of a clear policy to protect their livelihood and basic facilities like parking space are the biggest challenge faced by these informal workers. I am keen to begin a similar campaign in Delhi. Do let me know how can start such unionization in Delhi.

    In Solidarity

    Vinod Simon
    New Delhi

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