ATGWU elections successful in Uganda after police disruption ended

On 10 June the Amalgamated Transport and General Workers Union (ATGWU) in Uganda, which is the project mentor union for East Africa, succeeded in completing its elections to elect officials to represent some 30,000 members in informal workers’ associations. These elections took place without police disruption or presence after a public pledge by the inspector […]


Mid-Project Mentor Meeting Report now available to download

Download Mid-Project Meeting Report You can download the Mid-Project Meeting Report by clicking the link above. We hope to make Spanish and French versions of the report available in the near future. The Mid-Project Meeting was held in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 25-27th February 2015 and brought together 20 representatives from the project’s six mentor unions […]


Watch our video interviews from Kathmandu!

  During the project’s mid-term meeting in Kathmandu, some of the meeting participants took part in video interviews. In these interviews, representatives from mentor unions talked about their unions, and reflected on their experience of organising informal workers in their country. You can watch the playlist of videos by clicking the image above or by […]


Bogota Women’s Workshop and Leadership Seminar Reports now available to download

  The Latin America Regional Women’s Workshop and Regional Leadership Seminar were held in Bogota, Colombia from 27th October to 1st November 2014. The two completed meeting reports are now available to download, following a lengthy and productive dialogue between the meeting participants, translators and the GLI. Thanks go out to all those who participated […]