Group photo - Project Evaluation Workshop

Group photo – Project Evaluation Workshop

ITF affiliates unanimously adopted an Informal Transport Workers’ Charter at the conclusion of the Evaluation Workshop of the ITF Informal Workers Project, held in Kampala, 26-28 July 2016.

The Charter sets out a series of demands for basic rights, recognition, working conditions and welfare, providing a campaign and collective bargaining tool for unions organising and representing informal transport workers.

The Charter was first drafted and discussed in meetings of the project’s “mentor unions” in 2015, then debated and amended in meetings with members and with other unions in the regions, culminating in a final text agreed in Kampala.

We hope that unions, informal workers’ associations and their allies will use the Charter in negotiations with local, national and international authorities to demand rights and decent livelihoods; and with the trade unions  themselves to fully recognise and include informal workers in the movement.

The Charter is available to download in English, French, Spanish and Nepali below:

Informal Transport Workers’ Charter [EN]

Charte des travailleurs et travailleuses informels des transports [FR]

Carta de reivindicaciones de los trabajadores y las trabajadoras informales del transporte [ES]

Informal Transport Workers’ Charter (नेपाली) [NE]

The Charter is also available to download from the ITF website: ITF Global