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Los sindicatos de transporte adoptan la Carta de reivindicaciones de los trabajadores y las trabajadoras informales del transporte

[Traducción por Google – version original en Inglés aqui] Afiliadas a la ITF ha aprobado por unanimidad una Carta de los informales Trabajadores del Transporte en la conclusión del Taller de Evaluación del Proyecto de los trabajadores informales de la… Continue Reading →

Les syndicats de transport adoptent la Charte des droits pour les travailleurs informels

[Google Traduction – original en anglais ici] Affiliés de l’ITF adopté à l’unanimité une Charte des travailleurs informels de transport à la fin de l’atelier d’évaluation de l’ITF informel Projet des travailleurs, tenue à Kampala, 26-28 Juillet ici 2016. La… Continue Reading →

Transport Unions adopt Charter of Rights for Informal Workers

ITF affiliates unanimously adopted an Informal Transport Workers’ Charter at the conclusion of the Evaluation Workshop of the ITF Informal Workers Project, held in Kampala, 26-28 July 2016. The Charter sets out a series of demands for basic rights, recognition,… Continue Reading →

Informal transport workers belong to the ITF family

  From 26-28th July, a Project Evaluation Workshop was held in Kampala, Uganda, which brought together mentor unions from the ITF Informal Transport Workers’ Project along with their “mentoree” unions and representatives of the ITF, to reflect on the achievements… Continue Reading →

NEPAL: E-Rickshaw Driver Union holds founding convention

  On July 14th 2016 the founding convention of the E-Rickshaw Driver Union was successfully held in Damak City, Nepal. The new E-Rickshaw Driver Union has been established with the support of NETWON – one of two ITF Informal Transport… Continue Reading →

NEPAL: Nepal E-Rickshaw Driver Union officially registered by government

On May 4th the newly formed Nepal E-Rickshaw Driver Union was officially registered as a NEWTON-affiliate by the government of Nepal. The new union is the first e-rickshaw (electronic rickshaw) union to be registered by the government and is due… Continue Reading →

Informal sector workers in Gujarat win health care, social security with first identity cards

After years of campaigning the IUF-affiliated Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) won a major victory for informal sector workers in the state of Gujarat in the form of government issued identity cards. The identity cards are the first held by informal… Continue Reading →

EAST AFRICA: Workshop Report from Nairobi “Negotiations & Strategy Training” now available

The GLI Report from the “Negotiations & strategy training for leaders/organisers of informal transport workers” workshop held in Nairobi in February is now available to download here: GLI Report: East African negotiation & strategy workshop, Nairobi [Feb 2016] The Nairobi… Continue Reading →

NEPAL: “E-rickshaw – Not the cause of , But the solution to Pollution” – report on e-rickshaw organising now available

“E-rikshaw – Not the cause of , But the solution to Pollution ” is the slogan of the recently formed Nepal E-rikshaw Drivers Union, which is affiliated one of Nepal’s national transport unions – NETWON. A report is now available… Continue Reading →

Kenya: East African transport unions welcome crackdown on matatu police corruption

Transport union officials from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania at a meeting in Nairobi (organised by the ITF Informal Transport Workers Project) have welcomed newspaper reports that the Kenyan National Police Service Commission (NPSC) will crack down on police harassment and… Continue Reading →

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