Image: Khatang Tema Baitsukuli Association

Image: Khatang Tema Baitsukuli Association

Resource Books For Organizers

A series of six booklets (pdfs) by Chris Bonner, WIEGO / StreetNet International (2008)

Recruiting Informal workers into Democratic Workers Organisations

Building and Maintaining a Democratic Organisation of Informal Workers

Handling the Day-To-Day Problems of Informal Workers

Collective Negotiations for Informal Workers

Handling Disputes between Informal Workers and those in Power

Collective Action for Informal Workers

For high resolution printing files email a request to: info@inclusivecities.org



Chris Bonner & Dave Spooner (2012), “The Only School We Have: Learning from Organizing Experiences Across the Informal Economy“, WIEGO.

Dave Spooner (2011), “Transport Workers in the Informal Urban Economy: Livelihood Profile“, Global Labour Institute (GLI).

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