ITF unions demand workers’ voice on BRT implementation

Representatives from a wide range of international and regional organisations, including three ITF unions, have met in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss the impact of Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) on transport workers. The Institute for Development Studies, the Kenya Transport Researchers‘ Network, the Global Labour Institute, the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, the World Bank and […]


Nairobi women matatu workers strengthen leadership

Women who work as conductors and clerks in Nairobi’s informal matatu industry came together last week to strengthen women’s leadership in responding to bus rapid transport (BRT). The ITF women’s leadership training workshop, from 4-6 October, brought together 15 women from two ITF unions – PUTON (Public Transport Operators Union) and MWU (Matatu Workers’ Union). […]


Kathmandu Workshop Report now available to download

The Asia Regional Women’s Workshop took place in Kathmandu from 25th – 27th June 2014. The report from this workshop is now available to download below or under the Resources heading on the blog homepage. Special thanks go out to the host unions NETWON and ITWAN for their support and hospitality, and to the participants […]


Manila Seminar Report available to download

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Asian Regional Leadership Seminar last month (21st-23rd May). The seminar was a great success with particular thanks going out to Jaime Aguilar and his comrades at the NCTU, the project mentor union in the Philippines, which hosted the event.  You can download the report of the seminar […]


Le séminaire régional sur le leadership à Manille

Le séminaire ‘Asia Regional Leadership’ organisé par ITF a été lieu hier, le 21 mai, avec le mappage des activité dans un des terminaux de les très connu «Jeepney » buses de Manille, dirigé par les travailleurs informel. Les participants de l’Inde, du Népal, du Sri Lanka et de la Thaïlande, avec les camarades des Philippines, […]


L’atelier de mappage à l’intention des femmes s’achève sur des mesures pour faire avancer l’organisation syndicale des travailleuses informelles

En Afrique, l’atelier régional sur le mappage des travailleuses informelles des transports organisé à l’intention des femmes a terminé vendredi le 25 avril après trois journées très réussies de discussions, de formation, de partage d’expériences et d’activités pratiques de mappage. Les activités étaient principalement axées sur le mappage d’une gare routière de Kampala, dans laquelle […]


Road Transport Strike – Guinea-Conarky

By Bayla Sow, ITF Ecowas and Francophone countries’ representative Our comrades from the Federation Syndicale Professionnelle Nationale des Transports et Mécanique Générale (FSPNTMG – CNTG) held a strike on Monday 7 April 2014, which was widely followed (minibus, taxis, motorbikes, tanker drivers) throughout the country. To respond to the wide-scale mobilisation the Government of the Republic of Guinea-Conakry […]


Grève Transport Routier – Guinée-Conakry

Par Bayla Sow, le représentant pour l’Afrique Francophone  Nos camarades de la Fédération Syndicale Professionnelle Nationale des transports et Mécanique Générale ( FSPNTMG- CNTG)  ont organisé ce lundi 07 avril 2014 une grève très largement  suivie (minibus, taxis, motos, camions citernes…) sur tout le territoire de la Guinée-Conakry. Face à une telle mobilisation , le […]

Visibility of Women Workers – off with a flying start!

The Visibility of Women Workers strand of the project has got off with a flying start this week with the Africa Regional Women’s Workshop, being held in Kampala, Uganda. Teams of women activists from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are working together to learn mapping techniques in informal transport workplaces, focusing on informal women workers. Most […]


Niger Seminar Report available to download

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Africa Regional Leadership Seminar, and for making it such a great success – particularly Zeinabou Habou Barma, and her comrades at SYNATRA, the mentor union in Niger, who hosted the event.  You can download the report of the seminar here. Participants are warmly invited to correct any […]