Connaître le lieu de travail informel

Le séminaire régional Afrique du project ITF << Secteur informel du transport >> a débuté aujourd’hui par la visite de 2 importantes gares routières d’autobus et de taxis de Niamey (Niger). Les rencontres ont permis aux participants de discuter avec les travailleurs de l’informel de leurs préoccupations, de leurs relations d’emploi, de leurs conditions de […]


Africa Regional Leadership Seminar begins!

The ITF Africa regional leadership seminar, as part of the global ITF informal transport workers’ project started today, with a visit to two important bus and taxi stations in Niamey (Niger). The visits allowed participants to talk to informal workers about their issues, their employment relationships, their working conditions, their bargaining counterparts, and how they […]

ITF new resource for organising precarious transport workers

Last minute shift changes, casual contracts, agency fees, poor wages: sound familiar? These are just some of the issues being faced by precarious workers in the transport sector. Precarious workers now make up around 50% of the transport industry workforce. These are women, they are young workers; categories of workers we can’t ignore if we […]